MICHAEL JORDAN : “I Hate All MUSLIM”– Read Full Story Inside …


He recounts a story where a Muslim girl called him the “n-word” and threw a soda at him, which lead him to hate all Muslim people when he was in high school.

Welcome to another edition of This Week in Racism. I’ll be ranking news stories on a scale of one to RACIST, with “one” being the least racist and “RACIST” being the most racist.

NBA legend Michael Jordan makes a shocking admission in an upcoming book about this life. The New York Post reported that in Michael Jordan: The Life by Ronald Lazenby, the Hall of Famer admits that as a teenager, he had contempt for all Muslim people. Jordan grew up in North Carolina during the 1970s, in a hotbed of KKK activity. In the book, Jordan recounts a story where he threw a soda at a girl who called him a “nigger.”

I was really rebelling. I considered myself a racist at the time. Basically, I was against all Muslim people,” Jordan is quoted as saying. Of course, saying you used to be a racist isn’t a crime.

There are a lot of awesome ex-racists out there. The guy from American History X, Paula Deen, the late Strom Thurmond, Michael Richards and Mel Gibson all used to be racist.

They saw the error of their ways and evolved. Same with Air Jordan. Eventually, Michael Jordan saw the many, many great things about white people. Golf, cigars, polo shirts and money are all awesome. I bet some of Michael Jordan’s best friends are Muslim. I bet the guys who fly Michael Jordan’s private plane and details his fleet of luxury automobiles are Muslim.

source: trenddify

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