Iranian refugees caught going home despite protection visas

A group of Iranians who were granted protection visas in Australia after claiming they would be killed or persecuted if they returned have been caught holidaying in their homeland.

The Immigration Department recently discovered the six refugees had lied on their visa applications after they visited Iran voluntarily and returned to Australia, according to The Herald Sun.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton cancelled their visas, but the Administrative Appeals Tribunal overturned his decision and ruled that the group could stay in the country.

Each of the Iranians paid smugglers to help them reach Australia and told authorities they would be in danger if deported home.

One of the refugees was granted a protection visa after arriving in Australia by an illegal boat in 2009, the Herald Sun reported.

They claimed to be on an Iranian wanted list and to have used a fake passport to flee the country.

source: dailymail

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