Little Girl Studies With Muslim Tutor, Then Dad Sees What’s Hiding In Her Dress

A father began sending his 9-year-old little girl with a Muslim tutor, hoping she’d be able to catch up on her studies. However, as soon as his daughter revealed what was under her dress, he knew exactly what kind of education his daughter was receiving.

Mohammed Islam has only recently been sentenced for his involvement as a “respected” tutor of school children, but his sickening crimes run as far back as 2010, when he encountered one of his favorite pupils.

Mohammad was hired to tutor a 9-year-old little girl in Islamic studies, something fairly common for traditional Muslim families. The 31-year-old scholar began teaching the child to interpret and memorize the Quran, however, her education soon turned into a lesson about the prophet’s sex life.

For the next 5 years, Mohammed would molest and rape his young student, forcing her to remain silent through fear and guilt. The little girl admitted she “felt powerless” to stop the sexual abuse, but it wasn’t long before she could no longer contain the physical signs.

The Evening Standard reports that the girl, who had then turned 14, was forced to show her father her swelling belly, as the terrified teen instantly realized she was pregnant by her instructor, who was more than twice her age. Fortunately, her family immediately contacted Bethanl Green authorities.

Mohammed was brought before the Snaresbrook Crown Court, which heard that the “respected” tutor first blamed his child victim, saying that the then-9-year-old girl initiated sex. However, after the girl came forward to testify against him, he admitted that he had raped her.

Mohammed received 19 years in prison at his trial this week, but the damage he’s done will never fade.

“What Mohammed has done to my daughter has broken me,” the girl’s father said in a statement. “In our religion she is no longer considered a virgin and is therefore unable or unlikely to get married to have a family. I am devastated. I am so angry. I only hope and pray for her that this abuse will not have a long-term effect on her.”

This is true of the father’s religion, although it is also true that a 9-year-old girl is more than old enough to be defiled by a Muslim pedophile. In fact, the Islamic Prophet Muhammad’s favorite bride was this exact age when the 50-year-old consummated their “marriage.”

Although Aisha was only 6 when Muhammad convinced her father to hand her over to him, the lustful prophet was gracious enough to wait until she was 9 to rape her, perhaps because she fell severely ill and lost all of her hair.

It is reported from Aisha that she said: The Prophet entered into marriage with me when I was a girl of six … and at the time [of joining his household] I was a girl of nine years of age.

Khadija died three years before the Prophet departed to Medina. He stayed [alone] for two years or so. He married Aisha when she was a girl of six years of age, and he consummated that marriage when she was nine years old. [Bukhari 58.234]

Of course, many Muslim apologists will attempt to explain that it was acceptable for the prophet to marry a child this young, because since Islamic law forbids marriage until the girl has gone through puberty, she should be considered an adult. However, this is simply a lie that is exposed by the Quran’s instruction for divorcing wives.

In the Quran, it explains that before a divorce can be finalized, a man must wait 3 months to make sure that his wife has her regular menses. This is to ensure that the spouse is not pregnant, as that would require further steps to obtain a divorce. Likewise, it explains that they should wait 3 months for those wives who have never had a period yet, meaning the children who haven’t entered puberty before being married.

In the case of those of your wives who are past the age of menstruation, if you have any doubt, the waiting period should be three months, and that also applies to those who have not yet menstruated. [Quran 65:4]

Not only is pedophilia, molestation, and rape inherent in Islam, it is encouraged because of their own prophet’s perverse behavior. We are welcoming in the followers of an ideology who can and will justify their backwards beliefs by what Islam’s “perfect man” modeled for them. How then can we expect them to do anything but what they believe is their religious duty?

source: madworldnews

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