Muslims hate pigs. That’s a fact. They consider them ‘unclean.’ Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Personally I love pork- I mean bacon? Come on it’s awesome! Personally I don’t care what Muslims like.

And either does a long time Texas rancher named Craig Baker. Let me explain.

Mr. Baker was approached by a Muslim named  Kamel Fotouh (yes his name is CAMEL with a ‘K’ lmao!) who informed the Texan that he intended to build a Muslim Mosque next door to him. Can you imagine? Camel said that Mr. Baker should move because ‘Muslims are offended by pigs!’ Oh yeah dude, I’ll get right on that! What a joke.

Now to the great part. Mr. Baker decided that he would not bend over to the Muslim and instead decided to hold PIG RACES during the MUSLIM PRAYER TIME!!! This is CLASSIC!

Of course liberals take Kamel’s side on the issue citing ‘RACIAL INTOLERANCE’ but this is still AMERICA baby.

What kind of idiot that hates pigs buys land next to pigs? It just makes no sense. But then again, either does shoving your own face into the ground and worshiping a murderous pedophile.

Here is the video! 

The Muslim Mosque and the Pig Farm Next Door!


source: americasfreedomfighters

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