BREAKING: Biker Clubs Now Violently Attacking Muslim Immigrants!

Ever since the so called Arab spring, millions of refugees have been fleeing their homes and heading to western Europe to find a better life, but amongst them there have been a number of criminals and radicals as well. The recent Islamic radicals have attacks in France and Germany have been a reminder of what might be hiding amongst the refugees.
In Germany a few cases of rape have been reported after the German Chancellor Angela Merkel decided that more than one million of the immigrants are allowed to come to Germany.
Crime has been on the rise, as well so the German public decided to go for a different tactic instead of relying on the good will of the immigrants, and the Polizei to keep the street free from crime.
Groups of German bikers have been organizing themselves on a certain “manhunt”, which prevents the Muslim refugees to attack the German ladies first.
There have been numerous reports of refugees being attacked and hospitalized but then there is the fact that many of them do not even report the attacks because they are in country illegally.
It appears these bikers are the kind of vigilante you want to have around patrolling the neighborhood.

source: spiesa

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