Referendum to outlaw the political ideology of Islam in Australia.

Britain has come under terrorist attack again. Well you know what to do, tint your face book profile, light a candle and listen to politicians and the media tell us that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. Then Just like Ralph Wiggum, your helping.
nothing brings condemnation or a uniformed line of leaders sticking their heads in the politically correct sand than one sentence. “we need to discuss Islam”.
Without saying a single word for or against you will be labelled and intolerant islamaphobic racist bigot. But I’m ok with that, so I would like to discuss Islam.
I could do a piece on the barbarism, FGM, death to the kaffer etc. Instead I am going to point out some inconvenient facts that most people are not aware of.
• There are over 70 Islamic foundations from universities to legal fraternities in Australia.
• No other religion or race has these organisations. We have literally allowed a separate society to grow inside our own.
• All of these organisation recognise and support the legitimacy of haz-bit-tarih, a known and outlawed terrorist organisation. Outlawed everywhere but Australia.
• There are more Muslim armed guards in Australia than our military has personnel.
• That the balance of both federal and NSW parliament is decided by the muslim enclaves of western Sydney. Our leaders are decided by 2% of the population.
There are very good reasons such ideologies such as National socialists (NAZI’s), Aparthied, the KKK, alqeda, ISIS and haz-bit-tahir are outlawed either here or abroad. It is time we held a referendum on weather or not to outlaw islam. This is a little more important than same sex marriage.

source: change

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