Starbucks CEO Finally Crosses the Line. Look Who He’s Banning from His Stores!

You know, it’s one thing to state as your agenda to hire 10,000 refugees, and leave out the part about ‘over American workers,’ for the sake of at least trying to weasel your way out of looking like the anti-American schmucks that you are. But when you come right out and tell people that if they support traditional marriage, you don’t want their business?

Looks like radical leftist coffee giant Starbucks has lashed out against conservative Americans again, claiming that if you support traditional marriage, they’d rather you not visit their stores.

Thewashingtonpress reported:

SEATTLE – During the Starbucks annual shareholders meeting, CEO Howard Schultz had a clear message to send to investors who don’t support gay marriage: he doesn’t want your business.

It’s one thing to stick to one’s beliefs, but it’s another thing to allow those beliefs to cross the line and become zealotry. It appears Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz crossed that line during the meeting, mixing his belief system with business.

Schultz went on to claim that Starbucks strives to “embrace diversity of all kinds.” He went on to tell a shareholder who stands behind tradition marriage to sell his shares and invest elsewhere.

Forbes reported that Schultz seemed hostile and intolerant of any shareholders who objected to gay marriage for moral or religious reasons.
During the meeting, shareholder Tom Strobhar (who founded the Corporate Morality Action Center) pointed out that after the company voiced its support for a referendum backing gay marriage in Washington state, a boycott by traditional marriage supporters caused a drop in sales revenue.

source: donaldtrumppotus45

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