Thug Knocks PREGNANT Woman Unconscious in ‘Knockout Game’ Assault

In yet another brutal assault on a random stranger in what is being described as a “knockout game” attack, a thug targeted and then knocked out cold a woman who was six months pregnant.

The New York Post published the video, which captured the vicious attack on a Brooklyn street Thursday afternoon.

Jannatul Ferdous was walking with her sister in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood when Willie Stephens took a single swing, striking her and knocking her unconscious.


The video shows 33-year-old Stephens walking at a rapid pace towards the two women. As he’s about to pass them, he takes a monster swing at Ferdous and appears to hit her square in the face without skipping a beat.

Fortunately, the Post is reporting that Ferdous’ child was uninjured, and she escaped with only minor bruising. Thankfully, she was with her sister, who immediately called police and gave them Stephens’ description.

They were able to pick him up shortly after, and he’s been charged with assault.

The Post reports that police are saying this is a case of the “knockout game,” where thugs target innocent strangers in an attempt to knock them unconscious with one punch. The “game” has severely injured many and even killed people.

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source: madworldnews

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