3 Asylum Seekers Brutally Gang Rape Woman 9 Times, Leave Nasty ‘Gift’ Behind

Isaak N. (left), a stock image for visual representation (center), Medhanie A. (right)

Things turned to horror for a 28-year-old woman after she was approached by a group of 3 asylum seekers at the local fair. Unfortunately, the group would kidnap the woman and brutally rape her 9 times before leaving a nasty “gift behind” – and it’s one they would quickly come to regret.

The incident took place in Mühlhausen, Germany, where several people in the surrounding community had come to take part in the local fair. As it turns out, one woman, only identified as Laura G., was approached by Isaak N., 23, as she was headed back home.

According to Mail Online, the Ethiopian asylum seeker told the woman, “We are going to have sex now.” Naturally, she pulled away, but Isaak wasn’t about to take no for an answer, prompting the man to slap Laura to the ground and pull her pants down.

Doing as anyone would, the victim struggled and was able to free herself from Isaak’s grasp before trying to run away, but unfortunately, she wouldn’t get far. As it turns out, the woman’s rapist had two accomplices – Medhanie A., 29, and David T., 22. – who were able to catch Laura before she could make her escape.

Once they had full control of their victim, the group gagged Laura so that she couldn’t scream and took her under a nearby bridge. While there, they brutally gang-raped the woman, forcing her to have unprotected oral, vaginal, and anal sex with them.

In all, the men raped her 9 times, sometimes acting as a group and other times taking turns. “Every one of them raped me three times,” she said sobbing as she recalled the horrors she experienced to the courts most recently.

Of course, the vile rape gang denied the accusations, with Isaak saying that the “sex” was consensual. “I was very drunk at the carnival and I slept with her once,” he explained to the judge.

The other two claimed that they were home sleeping at the time of the attack, but they forgot one thing. As it turns out, the rapists left a nasty gift behind that would completely obliterate their claims.

According to police, DNA evidence was acquired via the semen the attackers left inside the woman. Investigators were able to successfully identified two of the men responsible for the attack using DNA samples taken from them after their arrest and comparing them to those collected from the woman.

Currently, the trial is still underway as Laura was unable to get through her entire testimony. Too distraught at the time, court officials allowed her to take a break on account of her emotional state, with her set to finish on a later date.

Of course, Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel has yet to respond to the horrifying ordeal, which is unsurprising since she’s developed a reputation for ignoring realities that don’t suit her narrative. In fact, it’s because of her and her leftist agenda that so many migrants are pouring into the country and brutalizing innocent citizens.

The safety and wellbeing of Germans are being cast aside to make way for people coming from uncivilized lands. Sadly, these vile acts will only continue until the people wise up and replace these liberal leaders with someone who cares about her fellow countrymen rather than a political agenda – just like America did with President Donald Trump. That’s the glory of a democratic system.

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source: madworldnews

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